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The cases in the typeswitch check for some type of node. To transform an element, we create a new element with the desired change, and then (typically) recursively call the function on the element’s children.For any node that doesn’t match (such as a text node), we just return the node.Here’s another version of our local:change function, this time adding a count increase and redaction (no, I can’t think of why you’d update a count in a non-persisted transformation; work with me here): This illustrates making multiple changes to the XML structure using a single descent through the XML.This review would be incomplete without mentioning another library that comes with Mark Logic: /Modules/Mark Logic/appservices/utils/This post covers a technique that’s an oldie but a goodie, with some thoughts on how it applies with today’s Mark Logic features.I reviewed this with my team recently and we thought it would make a good reference.The documents were opened up using ooxml:package-parts(), surgically adjusted using the transformation method above, then rebuilt as zips using xdmp:zip-create().

You’ll want to consolidate that into one run through the XML structure.This library module contains five functions that are analogous to the xdmp:node-* functions, but act on in-memory XML nodes instead of in-database documents.For easy reference, the five are: Note that these functions use the recursive descent approach as well (see mem:_process()).You can use these functions in your code after importing them: You can use this technique anytime you want to transform a block of XML.Commonly, you’d use it during ingest (putting data into a better format before storing it) or for display (formatting, supplementing, or redacting data before showing it to the user).

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