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Some fans of the show have already felt compelled to complain to ITV and Ofcom about the sinister plot.

Lucy supported the show's decision to run the storyline saying working with counselors had hit home for the starlet.

In another scene, Bethany and Nathan were sitting watching TV. N: 'The storyline goes darker before it gets better, and it goes darker and stays darker.'In recent disturbing episodes, the schoolgirl was forced to dress in an inappropriate, provocative outfit by Nathan (Christopher Harper) for the benefit of some of his sick pals.

Bethany asked,'Can we put something a bit less murdery on? On Saturday Lucy revealed things are about to get 'much darker' for the vulnerable teenager in the grooming storyline. The abuse escalated into a sordid threesome after which Bethany's worried mum Sarah contacted the police.

Bone mineral density: The strength of bones reflected by the amount of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals present.

Carotenoids: The name given to pigments such as lycopene and beta carotene that give red, yellow, and orange colours to certain plants.

Beta carotene: A brightly coloured pigment found in orange, yellow and red plants, fruits, and vegetables.Blood pressure (BP): The pressure of blood in the arteries. Bone mass density: A term used to describe the weight of the bones.Ideally, the ‘heavier’ the bones, the stronger the skeleton.Clips from the episode reveal that the tide comes in, leaving Nick panicking as the water rises, unable to un-wedge his feet.Bethany’s great grandmother Audrey then spots burn marks on the devastated teen's arm, leading the family to believe that Bethany is self harming.

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