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A similar charge is leveled in many of the more popular Evangelical study Bibles.

For example, Ryrie states, Unfortunately for the critics, these claims are either outright falsehoods, or else rest upon incomplete information.

The Evidence from Other Versions The Evidence of the Patristic Authors Matters of Grammar and Consistency Why Did the Orthodox Writers Not Use This Verse in the "Trinitarian Controversies"?

This allows them to focus the discussion surrounding this verse around the one portion of the evidence which would, on its face, seem to support their contentions about the Comma.

However, the treatment which the Greek evidence is given suffers from being only partially presented, and often misrepresented, by the Critical Text side of the debate.

While it is true that only around 8-10 of the Greek texts contain the Comma, and most of these are late, the vast bulk of those without the Comma are also late, by the standards of the United Bible Society.

Around 95% of these Comma-deleted texts are "late" by these standards (post-9th century).

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