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You often have to take a break and then try to remember where in the video you were when you resume.

You then have to fast forward or scroll to the point where you left off manually. If you answered yes, then you'll just love this little resource I recently discovered.

JJ cast himself in the role of the torturer at first, he didn't think he could get someone he could trust enough to do the job well...

until Eric showed up for a casting call, along with two other guys.

Thank you for choosing to place both ladies in my favorite position, which is stretched out with their hands bound together and suspended with their AOH. Someone sure did a nice job with the bondage rigging with the way their hands were tied throughout the movie. The rigging was all JJ's work with good advice from Jane.

Jane is very experienced, now, in the arts of being tied up, being suspended and suffering the whip, however this was the very first time for Mila to be under the whip and naked in front of a bunch of people... all of it a first for her and it all happened before she turned 21.

She now has three feature films, 4 if you count I must say that say that I found Eric Calancha, the Torturer, to be one cold hearted, disturbed, sick Son of a Bitch.

I mean that with RESPECT and admiration for his acting, which complimented beautifully the performances by Mila and Jane as they suffered under the whip.

I walked right by her the first time I saw her with straight hair.

Suddenly, all of the pain comes rushing back with a fury... The comments keep coming and that's really nice for us.

...after getting over the shock of that, she is really pissed off that they woke her up. I received an e mail, recently, from someone here, I will not disclose his identity, not even under torture.

Heroone - did Robert Vaughn pass away in the last few days? My second site, where I have posted more HOM pics, is at "Crux Forums.com".

- last I heard he was doing, and still is, a long running series on British tv titled "Hustle" - could it be the reports of his death are greatly exaggerated? This is a forum dedicated to the beauty of the Crucified female.

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It touched me and I'd like to share it with you people, along with my comments, which I find necessary.

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