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I have also decided to cut down the list from 10 (as originally planned) to five because it would be easier and quicker to write.This week, I have decided to focus on OSTs or Official Sound Tracks from K-Dramas. " though I've seen her from all of the dramas shed been to but just this recent time have i discover her .. and a humoristic personality which really makes people smile. On top of that,she does acting&even impressive in it i mean..., What is she actually? i really dont know how your mind works but if you want to write hate mesages, please go away and write it in your diary or something. I'm sorry I just have discover you from your new drama " Cheer Up! and a wonderful voice especially when she sang trot music :) .. I have other favorite Korean actress but Eun-ji defines .. I will support anything that you do but I sincerely hope you will get the chance to do 'CHAEBOL'S DAUGHTER'. Her singing abilities are more than enough to be crazed over.. i really want to look forward on what she is currently doing . yes probably and i just don't know from where i can know about it . if you dont like eunji's acting or even just herself, then why are you even on this website?She released her first album as a solo artist in April 2016, titled ‘Dream’.Her duet ‘All for You’ with her ‘Reply 1997’ co-star Seo In-guk, was an origin soundtrack and topped the charts in 2012.

Hoping all the best and amazing things for my bb girl ❤❤❤ Eunji yeppeota. And please do have a drama with Kang Minhyuk (CNblue) i ship you guys. Please somebody read this and make a drama for them!

Her acting, singing and personality are all so loveable, it's impossible to not like her hahaha. I'd reserve any kind of judgement until she's gotten a few more acting jobs under her belt. Sure, her acting isn't wooden or unnecessarily cutesy, but that doesn't mean she's a natural talent. To what that person Eungelic said, That is her role. She is not the main character but her acting stands out. Her acting in Reply 1997 was good, but now watching TWTWB she looks so stiff. Just another mediocre idol-actor that was lucky to get a role that suit her, but know that she has to play a different character is showing us she sucks.

I really enjoyed all of her dramas though sometimes the writing was not very nice, her acting made up for it to some extent! I agree with Eungelic, she's not terribly versatile. Jung Eun-ji is really an artist,she's really best in acting,im so into her roles in reply1997,its like true to life....youre really amazing eunji..it up always,i hope you have more drama to come...

She achieved greatest fame with the pop girl group Apink.

Like many South Korean celebrities, she is suspected to have undergone plastic surgeries to enhance her appearance.

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I found someone who I will love and support forever.

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