Documents required for validating the caste certificate

If you like to know more about of all castes in India then click here.Your caste certificate will allow you to enjoy the reservations in school, college, university and job. I want to make my caste validity certificate but I don't know what documents required for it.Once a certificate of caste is issued by Tehasildar, it is valid for life time, unless you mention the purpose and what is precisely your query on such validity certificate, you may not receive guidance on further steps.Affidavit to the effect that neither he/she nor his/her parent’s or any other member of his/her family is an income tax payee.To specify trade/Business/Industry affidavit in case not exceeding the income tax limit and if it is exceeding the income tax limit, income tax assessment orders for three preceding consecutive years.We have mentioned an official list of accepted documents for registration and correction process.For all communications regarding address change, name change and photo, the same shall be applicable in all cases.

It will be really helpful if you can provide me the details on the same soon as I need to do further processing. Documents required for caste validity certificate For address proof:- Passport Aadhaar Card Driving License Voter ID For identity proof:- PAN Card Aadhaar Card Driving License Voter ID Affidavit for caste certificate Caste Validity Certificate is for validation of caste or category.Here in this article, we will explain you both online and offline options. You may also need to have a local reference for verification. Keep original documents with you, the officer may ask them for initial verification. What we have understood is that central certificate is not different altogether. Fill in the details and declarations and visit Tehsil or SDM office where you got your certificate.There is one more misconception in this regard, please note that We have created a separate detailed article for a document required for this process. There are different scenarios when you apply for caste certificate like if your father’s caste certificate is not available or you / your father migrated from different state. The only difference is that there is a “specific format” for central caste Certificate. You should always take format from a respective institution which asking for central caste certificate. Please note that there can separate central caste certificate template for OBC, SC, ST and NT.Before going further let us tell you that, you cannot apply for caste certificate online in all states. You need to provide personal, address and contact details. In “Caste details” section you need to provide your father’s details. For some processes, you need to get your caste certificate validated. Same way can validate other documents like income certificate, domicile certificate etc.Not all state government or district administration bodies support an online application. If your father’s caste certificate is not available then you need to provide blood relatives caste certificate / documents. Then tick mark the caste option you are applying for. If you have migrated from another state then you must specify that in the form. Then you need to fill and sign the self-declaration part. You may ask to affix passport size photo on the application form. Submit signed an original form with self-attested copies of respective documents to the officer. So let learn how to- There is little information on how to apply for Central Caste Certificate.

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We have all those scenarios covered in that document. As of now very few states offer an online application, you should visit respective state’s Official Backward Class Welfare Department portal. As of today at many places, you need to visit Tehsil Office, Revenue Office, SDM Office or CSC / SETU centers to apply for caste certificate. If you are from SC, ST, OBC, NT, VJ or another caste then you should take advantages of it.

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