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In 1711 the plague reduced Copenhagen's population of about 65,000 by one-third.

The Second Battle of Copenhagen (or the Bombardment of Copenhagen) (16 August – 5 September 1807) was from a British point of view a preemptive attack on Copenhagen, targeting the civilian population in order to seize the Dano-Norwegian fleet.

The element hafnium is also named for Copenhagen, whose Latin name is Hafnia, As the town rose in prominence, it was repeatedly attacked by the Hanseatic League.

During the 17th century, under the reign of Christian IV, it became a significant regional centre.

Copenhagen is a major regional center of culture, business, media, and science, as indicated by several international surveys and rankings (see International rankings below).

Several historians consider this battle was the first terror attack against a major European city in modern times.

Slotsholmen canal, as seen from Børsen (1890–1900).

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Few houses with straw roofs remained after the bombardment.

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