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Consolidating can help eliminate debt by up to fifty percent and can help preserve and rebuild credit and the debtor's good name by enabling them to repay rather than file bankruptcy.There are many of these excellent programs available to help. It is best to start at church and ask for recommendations, especially from pastors or ministers.Christian debt consolidation loans also offer a way to begin to repair damaged credit.Credit card companies view customer consolidation as a step in the right direction and when outstanding bills are paid, the company can clear up charge-offs.A cautionary note is to beware of consolidation loans that charge unreasonable interests and fees that will hinder a debt-free goal.

These financial experts will help put finances into perspective and assist to get the budget under control with options such as a Christian debt consolidation loan.

Many consumers end up treading water with credit card companies by basically paying interest every month and barely touching the principle.

Christian debt consolidation loans are especially good for providing a quick solution to multiple credit card debts and replacing them with a single payment that the consumer can manage.

Getting a new loan can be a lifesaver for someone who has fallen behind on payments for any number of reasons, from ill health to loss of job or change in marital status.

Many single mothers have used a Christian debt consolidation program to their advantage.

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