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Hagan, a lawyer, said she is single and still hopes to find someone with whom she can have children the old-fashioned way.But she said it doesn't hurt to consider freezing her eggs as a backup.But if it doesn't work, she said, "we have a backup plan." Ghadir, of the Southern California Reproductive Center, told the group that he had children and had not anticipated the expense, time and energy of parenting.Freezing eggs can help women have children on their own timeline, he said.At the Beverly Hills hotel, physicians from the Southern California Reproductive Center, the fertility clinic that sponsored the event, projected slides on a wall and explained the history and science of egg freezing.They told the guests that it was an insurance policy for women who want children in the future.

About 20 women and a few men gathered recently in the presidential suite of the Viceroy L'Ermitage in this famously upscale city to chat, drink wine and eat hors d'oeuvres while hearing about the possibility of freezing their eggs for future conception."I'd like to wait and just see what happens," Hagan said. I'm trying to be proactive." It is probably no coincidence that the event was held in a place like Beverly Hills, given the considerable expense of freezing eggs and of using them later.Egg freezing costs between ,000 and ,000 for the procedure and the medications."If I was doing this at the wrong time in my life, it would have been a disaster," he said."Doing things at the right time, when you know you are ready ...

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