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Max is the quintessential Upstanding Citizen, owner of everything except perhaps a soul. Many Red Triangle Circus Gang Members, snarling minutes before, run away in hysteria. THE BATMOBILE--NIGHT With a joystick, Batman raises out a Gatlin-style gun, from the Batmobile, that fires out a wild, artistically modulated set of steel pieces, chunks, and arrows. The Tattooed Strongman is holding Max Shreck and Chip in behind him. Max begins to sit down at a chair at the end of the Ice conference table. The moodily pondering and freezing Max cautiously reseats himself. The Bearded Lady breaks off an Ice stalagmite and knee-caps him to the ground. Following Max out is a legal pad scribbling, file grasping SELINA KYLE, his beautiful beneath bifocals and a subdued haircut assistant, along with a blindingly grinning yuppie superhero CHIP, muscles on the verge of shredding open his Brooks Brothers suit. The Sword Swallower re- devours his sword and the Lurid Snake Charmer Dame scoops up her pythons. With ridiculous precision, the steel projectiles slam through the spokes of the terrorizing motorcycles upending them and their riders into nasty convulsions. (regarding inert Chip) Somebody is not getting a Christmas bonus. As Penguin snarls at Max, he is handed an array of sadis- tic umbrellas, which he casually tries and discards. In ten seconds, you're going to say a lot of things... Oh my outcast friends, I am about to become Gotham City's best nightmare. I despise Max Shreck more than the city itself, because he is the city itself. How about smug, powerful businessman turned into squealing jelly by misunderstood monster. TOP OF THE SHRECK BUILDING--NIGHT The viewer goes from the bottom to the top. When she awoke, she saw this thing with a nose that... She holds a large open compact over her face and pulls out some lipstick. Max electronically spins the chair to whoever he addresses. SELINA (gulping courage) Before we get started, I was wondering if we could address the Education Initiative... Alone, by her desk, Selina begins to bang her forehead with the palm of her hand. A ragged SWORD SWALLOWER struts forward tugging an excaliber from his salivating mouth. The reflection glows against the face of a sitting-in-darkness Bruce Wayne. MAYOR Oh beautiful, I'm going to get blamed for this. THE PLAZA--NIGHT Ringmaster and some of his co-horts stand back and laugh at the chaos. Tell Max he's raw scuzz and the epitome of the evil of banality... THE CONFERENCE ROOM--NIGHT Ringmaster shoves on a pair of unusual brass knuckles. Selina breathlessly turns to see Batman at the end of the carpet. The track of the zoo's rickety roller- coaster curls through the grotto. MAX You were implying that I will be screaming in a high pitched... Penguin elegantly opens up an umbrella to pass beneath a sewer drip. The top floor of the building housing the department store is a tower of Ivory with a large, friendly sentinel of a cat at its tippy top. From out the back of her coat, two PYTHONS slide down the backs of her legs. MAX SHRECK'S CONFERENCE ROOM--NIGHT The Mayor and his staff scurry behind Max as he pushes open an imposing set of tall doors revealing his confer- ence room in its tech-noir splendor. The men at the table gaze to Selina in dumbfounded silence. MAX SHRECK Before "we" start, I think our coffee needs to be addressed. Selina gloomily backs out the door to the calls of "Me too", "Make mine a cappuccino" and "Do you have Decaf? A YOUNGER SURLY PUNK appears wearing a lightly smoking neon sign, blinking the word CIRKUS, as a humongous chain necklace over his chest. THE SEWER--NIGHT Penguin savors the bedlam, dancing to the shrieks. THE PLAZA--NIGHT The Batman sled slams against a police car windshield. Their mirth is slowly strangled by the dreaded sound of a supersonically humming engine. Protruding out of each knuckle is a small red fluid- filled syringe half. He begins to roll it up, semi-oblivious to Selina's tentatively delirious verbiage. The cart full of birds rumbles through with its winged passengers flying off to join others flapping around. Strange scaffolding half covers an enormous "Mission Control" panel that has been hodge- podged together with the flagrantly weird, idiosyncratic technology. PENGUIN Yeah, but don't worry, Max, I'm not going to kill you. Lighting up a cigarette in a cigarette holder much like his father's, Penguin moves forward with the sword umbrella.

THUGS IN NOVELTY NOSE AND GLASSES fulminate bullets at the back of the buffeting Batmobile. The Inertia-ed Scaffolding fiercely slams into the store, sending the Terrifying Clowns violently smashing down upon the memorabilia. A powerful STEEL JACK-TYPE DEVICE jets out the bottom of the Batmobile and barber-seats the vehicle up off the ground. He maneuvers the joystick that controls the steel spewing apparatus. A steel star thunks into the back of the Strongman's head, crumpling him to the ground. Chip takes off and folds his blazer, with a laugh of superiority. He cockily strides toward the noises when the doors slam open, crunching him out cold. I listen through a sewer grate to you promising one thing, then see you through a ventilator shaft doing another thing. I got nothing against being a two- faced weasel, or even dumping toxic waste -- Stuff works good on rat bites...

ALFRED Dear Boy, sometimes it is a pleasure to believe in fairy tales. Alfred cheerfully shakes his head as the Paperboy scampers off. He turns to the sewer grate just as the slimy flippers recoil back away. INSIDE THE SEWER GRATE--EVENING His back turned to the viewer and wearing a black, thick, full-length, and grimily wraith-like coat-cape, PENGUIN pulls back from the grate. The waif dexterously jimmies the laser and with a whoosh, the shield sputters off. I probably should just shut up, but you know, this was a very serious pair of shoes you ruined. Penguin's disciples continue to whisk around the Batmobile like paparazzi, flashing their cameras. ANOTHER HALLWAY CORRIDOR--NIGHT A convoy lead by the two Knifeskulls swaggers out from Shreck's office. The rolled up carpet whooshes up in the air and smack dab impales itself on the blades of the Knifeskulls, locking them together. He howls and hobbles as Batman saunters toward him, reeling in his gun. In one swift-straight arm gesture, Batman shoves the Ringmaster's skull into the wall, cracking the headset with a quick whine. BEHIND THE STAGE--NIGHT Penguin furiously yanks off his now also whining headset. SELINA'S OWN VOICE Hi Selina, this is yourself calling. Snow-covered cages and pits that seem more terrifying empty than if filled with ferocious beasts. Penguin glances down to a stream of Da Vinciesque (One is of the big red present). My image consultants Punch and Juliet are going to bring out your more Mayoral smile.

He is lowered down from the grate to the sewer floor by a Rubber Duck Scissor-Lift Buggy apparatus being cranked by TWO DWARVES. Your buildings, your stores, your factories, your oil wells, your licorice... MAYOR I've got to refuse permission on the chemical plant construction. His back turned to his guests, Max's pleasant demeanor chills into a look of horror; his smile gone for the first time. Everyone eerily commences snap- ping pictures including the Penguin, poking his head out of the manhole. Couldn't you have just been a prince and broken my jaw? Ringmaster holds his syringe knuckles against Max's neck. Batman, with a fist a piece, violently bashes them over. RINGMASTER You really think you can take me down, Mr. I'm reminding you that you better have brought home the Bruce Wayne file to work on, because Max Slavemaster is meeting with him tomorrow. The viewer connects up with a determinedly trotting, RATTY, SPIKY-HAIRED POODLE, wearing a strange pair of goggles. PENGUIN I could get Respect....would I have to give up my hobbies?

Emerging out the limo is MAX SHRECK, the charismatic Master of Gotham City. The last one to emerge from the surrogate Trojan horse is a scowling creep in RINGMASTER garb--long black boots, tight white pants, along with a flowing scarf. The viewer's viewpoint moves through the windshield to face the harshly concen- trating BATMAN! With a cackle, the CIRKUS flashing punk gives a STRAY BLACK CAT an arching kick. Gabbing around the table are the familiarly bonechilling survivors of the Unwashed Carnival Creeps. Coming out of a sage three second blink, Max regards the cigarette holder then reaches out with his tongue and licks off the bead.

A smattering of flashbulbs explode upon his placidly smiling face. He wears painted red triangles over his entire face and atop his head is the same bizarre headset Penguin wears. Making its megagrand entrance, the Batmobile plows through the gargantuan, opened present, shredding it to pieces. Oblong strips of the Batmobile sprout out from the vehicle's sides, like wings, to ferociously trip up darting past bikers and viciously lovetap various carnival hoodlums into spiraling upward unconsciousness. THE PLAZA--NIGHT Ringmaster dashes off toward the Shreck building, waving along the Neon Necklaced Punk, and the Knifeskulls. The cat lands on his feet, giving the passing gang members a means-business glower. Everyone shuts up and goes into a standing ovation as Penguin rides out of the lair's vast, gaping sewer pipe in his Rubber Duck that now acts as a boat. The Circus Creeps go into shouts of "Boo" and "Can we torture them now" while pelting snowballs, ice airplanes and novelty gadgets at the beleaguered businessmen. The gang explodes in laughter and the dwarf does a cute little bow. MAX You're not going to do anything to me, Penguin.

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